Friday Night Lights After 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, I was just 2 years out of photo school, pretty much only shooting sports, and I don’t have a single picture from that day. However with the 11th being a Tuesday, that meant Friday night was only 3 days away. So as I headed off to shoot high school football, the events of earlier in the week were heavily on my mind.

High School Football Starts Again – 2016

In the Chicago area, high school football season kicked off with American Fork fans from Utah traveling to watch the Cavemen play Hinsdale Central. The photographer, on assignment for the Chicago Tribune and its subsidiaries, was tasked to capture fan-centric images for a feature story. Despite a tight deadline, the vibrant atmosphere and unique fan perspectives were documented, showcasing the community’s passion for the sport.

Shooting the Crazies – Chicago’s Brother Rice High School cheering section

 Crazy Fans Turn your volume down before playing this video. I attended an all-boys Catholic high school just outside of suburban Chicago. While we excelled at football, we did manage to have a decent basketball team once in a while … Continued