A collection of photojournalism images from assignments & personal projects dating back to 1995.

While I started my photojournalism journey with my high school student newspaper the Victory Light back in 1989, my career path as a photojournalist didn’t start for another 6 years when I transferred to Columbia College Chicago and changed my major to photojournalism in 1995.

From there I started freelancing for my local paper The Joliet Herald News, and eventually would go on to become the photo editor at The Chronicle at Columbia, before moving on and continuing my career in photography, working for weekly publications like the Pioneer Press, to major daily publications like the Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times.

For 25 years I have been making images for everyone from personal portraits & weddings, to commercial entities like NHL teams and fortune 500 companies. This gallery is a sample of my work in the field I love the most… photojournalism.