The visual musings of Vincent David Johnson

Hi there, thanks for checking out my site. It’s a mix of my personal & professional photographic work, that I don’t think fits on my other website Commercial Visual Media firm (Othervertical, Inc.), Wedding & Portrait Photography, or Documentary photography (Lost Americana) & Joliet from Above. So this is the place to share my personal stories, ramblings, and sometimes just photos, from all the images I create and the things surrounding them.

Check the posts and categories below to start exploring. If you don’t know much about me, I’d suggest “That is what I do, Part 1” as it starts with the very first photo I ever took. A category I’d suggest is photojournalism, as that was what I went to school for and have spent over half my life doing.

Now, I’ve found I can spend days-upon-days tweaking the design side of a website, so in an effort to be more about the content, I’ve gone pretty simple here and focused just on the stories and the photos. If you find an error or something not quite right, let me know, but remember, it’s basically about the photos and the stories that go with them. Not my design skills.

Vincent David Johnson