If you include my time as a student taking pics for the high school newspaper & yearbook, I’ve been shooting sports for over 30 years.

Sometimes I show up at games for fun, to see a good matchup, or hone my skills with the lens. Most of the time I’m on assignment for a newspaper, magazine, or online publication. The result of all that is I typically have hundreds of photos from each game that never get published, never get shared, and would just sit on a hard drive.

So a few years back I started putting all the photos that weren’t published up in galleries for people to look at and purchases prints or downloads.

All galleries are divided into years, then in order by the sport, followed by names of the teams playing (visiting team typically listed first). If you’re looking for a football or girls volleyball player who graduated in 2004, you’d want to look at the years 2003 or 2002 for those games since they were played in the fall. Basketball you would look in 2002-2004, since the seasons start in fall, but end in spring.

An even better way to look is to do a search by school name under the “search” button in the navigation menu. Search results don’t display galleries in order by date taken, so make sure to click next page if there are multiple results.

Know I was at a game, but can’t find a gallery?

I don’t often get photos up the next day, or sometimes even by the following week. If you’ve seen me post up photos, or saw my name in a photo byline, reach out to me on the “Connect” page and ask about it.

Schools I’ve Photographed a lot