Two Firsts Are The Newest Gym Visits Added

Morgan Park Academy, The Nation’s First & Oldest High School Basketball Team What does a place called “Horse Thief Hollows”, one of football’s greatest coaches, a college known for its brains not brawn, the YMCA, and a military academy have … Continued

5 Chicago High School Gyms For The Price Of 2

Schurz & Steinmetz High Schools Each Have Multiple Cool Old Gyms Carl Schurz High School is quite possibly one of the overall most impressive high school buildings I have ever been in. Completed in 1910 it is a sight to … Continued

Shooting High School Sports; Why You’re Not Always Going To See The Best Photos

In High School Sports, The Best Photos Don’t Always Make It To The Paper In the world of professional sports photography you live & die by your ability to get the pivotal moment of a game captured in your frame. We … Continued