Shooting the Crazies – Chicago’s Brother Rice High School cheering section

 Crazy Fans

Turn your volume down before playing this video.

I attended an all-boys Catholic high school just outside of suburban Chicago. While we excelled at football, we did manage to have a decent basketball team once in a while and our all-girls sister school had their share of winning sports teams. But the one thing we never lacked was a raucous cheering section.

While the majority of high school sporting events have almost turned into a fashionable social event. A recent basketball game I shot had the home team’s side stocked full of what can be best described as the cast for MTV’s new reality TV show “The girlfriends of prep-basketballers”, so I still get very excited when I see an engaged and well led mob of fans.

Nowhere in the Chicago area may there be a better example than the Crusader Crazies of Brother Rice High School on Chicago’s south side. So well polished is this group that even the antics of a press photographer can get the going.

After half of the group was asking for me to photograph them, I turned the camera on myself and started snapping pictures, then slowly started to back up.

brother rice crazies with photographer

The video above is them imitating a roller coaster (something I haven’t seen anywhere else) and the one below is some taunting as the opposing team leaves the locker room at half-time.