Tweet me your high school gym pics

Help Me Find The Best High School Gyms in Illinois

The high school basketball season is coming to and end. By this time next month schools and towns will be throwing parades and rallies for the state champions across girls & boys basketball. March 7th will mark the last time a varsity basketball game will be played at an actual high school till next November. After that day, which I plan on spending at The JHS Bowl in Jacksonville, all the gyms I photograph will be empty.

While I’d never rule out the possibility the book I’m making could include photos from the 2022-23 season, I’m going to say if I haven’t seen your school’s gym by the end of the summer, it’s probably not going to be in the book.

So help me out. Below is a Google Sheet that lists all the known high schools in Illinois.

  1. Find your high school, alphabetical by school name not town.
  2. If there is an “X” next the school, I have visited or seen photos of that gym(s). I’m all good.
  3. If there is no “X” I haven’t seen it yet, send me some photos of it.
    Tweet @vincentdjohnson
    or email

Each week I’ll update the list so you’re not sending photos I already have. As of March 1st, there are about 450 high schools out of 826 that I have no idea if I should consider them or not.