This is what I do – Part 4

Always ready. Always Steady. This Is What I Do.

kid with a bloody nose

Holding it together while blood is covering your own eyes isn’t a big deal for me. However I know plenty of parents who might look at this photo and wonder how I could take it.

This image is of my 6 year old son AX, after he slipped and smashed his nose into a cement retaining wall. I was about 15 feet away when it happened and went running as soon as I spotted trouble. As a habit, whenever I have my camera on me, it is always turned on. I couldn’t even tell you where the lens cap is, because it’s never on. On top of that, whenever I walk inside, or outside I almost always adjust the settings based on the changes in the light. I never rely on automatic settings.

So once I got to my son’s side and saw that he wasn’t cut open, or severally injured I was able to snap this shot and two others all while holding his hand and walking him to the bathroom to get cleaned up. No blood made it onto his nice shirt either. hashtag Super Dad.

The “how” I took the photo is pretty easy to answer, but the “why” might take substantially longer. There’s just something that clicks in my head and says “this is something that needs to be documented.” As Im said before “this is what I do.”


Vincent D. Johnson

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