My High School T-shirt Collection

From high school through today, some of the high school tees I’ve kept and bought

Joliet Catholic High School football playoffs (1989) –One of my earliest tees was from my sophomore year in high school. Not sure how this one survived as well as it has. It was the first of many Joliet Catholic swag I would snag.

Being at so many high school sporting events as part of my job over the years, I couldn’t help but buy a few t-shirts here-and-there. For one thing, it’s a great way to give funds back to school programs and also, you’re hard pressed to end up paying that much for one. Sometimes I get shirts for $5 or $10, you just can’t beat that. Add in my travels for Lost Americana and some small towns with crazy team names and it’s not hard to see why my dresser is filled with high school tees.

If there is one thing I hope anyone visiting this post takes away from it, make sure your school has a spirt table to sell gear, at least at big games like football and basketball. The parents, grandparents and alumni at these events are looking for this stuff. Get your boosters or parent volunteers on this. It’s a win for everyone.

This photo gallery is pretty much all the tees I still have as of 2022.

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