Simeon has an interesting gym and while it has some of the best basketball played in Illinois, there’s just too much competition in the state for it to crack the top 100.

The balcony along one of the sides makes Simeon’s gym stand out from the rest. Seen here during a game against Morgan Park High on January 24, 2019. (photo by Vincent D. Johnson).

If I told you there was a prestigious high school basketball accolade that the Simeon Wolverines weren’t even ranked in the top 100 at in their own state, some hoops fans would clutch their pearls. While their gym isn’t in most conversations when it comes to Illinois’ best gyms, at the end of most seasons though it’s been better to be a Wolverine fan than just about any other.

The school colors blue & gold are represented in the background in the soundproofing that lines the gym walls. As Simeon’s Kejuan Clements takes the ball up the court against Morgan Park, January 24, 2019.

Simeon’s gym definitely goes beyond some of the stale rectangles out there. One nice feature is they put the team benches and scorer’s table up against a wall so there’s no fan interactions behind them. The bulk of the seating is along the baselines. With a smaller set of bleachers along the other side-line. A balcony seating area which is only accessible from outside the gym is about 8-10 feet above the sideline bleachers.

Basketball games at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago often has two turn-tables and a microphone. (photo by Vincent D. Johnson).

Of course, most people turning up to high school basketball games are there to see their team win. And if possible win with style. Beyond bringing the talent with past players like Nick Anderson, Derrick Rose & Jabari Parker, there’s an atmosphere at Simeon that can often feel like a party with dancing and DJs.

Morgan Park’s Chris Roberts (3) shoots a three against Simeon, Jan. 24, 2019, in Chicago. (photo by Vincent D. Johnson).

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