The ceiling in the Don Freeman Gym at Madison jr./high school, has a honeycomb or basketball net like ceiling. While that look is similar to at least 20 other gyms
in the state, the exposed wood center-court and white tiles around the perimeter is different. So are a set of skylights along the side of the ceiling/roof. 
(Photo copyright of Vincent D. Johnson)
Madison jr./high school’s Don Freeman Gym, looking like the backdrop for a scary movie on Dec. 15, 2023.

(Photo copyright of Vincent D. Johnson)

Madison High School, is one of several high school and grade school gyms across the state that have what’s often called a honeycomb style ceiling. Although I feel it looks more like a basketball net.

The gym is named after Donnie Freeman, a 1963 graduate of Madison High who went on to play for the University of Illinois as well as the NBA and ABA.

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