—-Hinsdale Central High School’s gym, Dec. 22, 2021. (Photo by Vincent D. Johnson)
The Hinsdale Central Holiday Classic or HC2 held over winter break at Hinsdale Central’s main gym is a great event to catch some high school hoops. (photo by Vincent D. Johnson)

Built in 1952 this gym really hides its age. Modern bleachers court-side, a glass partitions with flame decals and video scoreboards are part of the reasons why this hoops arena doesn’t look like it’s 70 years old.

Upkeep is probably a big reason why. You’re hard pressed to find broken benches, defects in the floor, or water damage along the roof line & walls. However some design aesthetics are probably the most noticeable reason why this gym is often ranked high on many coaches and players’ “Best of” lists. The Red Devils really took the red theme to heart, draping the ceiling with wide-red cloth ribbons and lining the perimeter of the court with the school’s over 100 state championship banners. Starting with the 1909 basketball state title banner, along with the state record 8 championship banners in one school year (2014-15).

The first two banners in the gym are for the school’s 1909 state basketball title and a track state title in 1925.
Flowing red cloth ribbons on the ceiling help give some energy to Hinsdale Central’s gym that others are lacking.
The electronic scoreboard almost seems a little dated compared with the similar sized digital screen scoreboard at the opposite end of the court. (Photo by Vincent D. Johnson)
The digital screen scoreboard at Hinsdale Central. (Photo by Vincent D. Johnson)
Tipoff at the Hinsdale Central Holiday Classic, between the Saints of St. Charles East and the Red Devils of Hinsdale Central, in Hinsdale on Dec. 22, 2021. (Photo by Vincent D. Johnson)
—-A glass partition was probably added for safety reasons to stop people from falling over, although the original metal rails still remain. The flame decals on the glass adds a nice touch to the devil theme.

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